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We all know that growth and success can only happen when we make short-term sacrifices to overcome the obstacles and beat the odds. And once you make the choice to burst out of your protective shell and work with intensity, then you’re ready to discover and pursue your deepest passion.

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Meet Deborah Allen

Deborah Allen ~ Author, Coach, Entrepreneur, Pastor & Speaker

Deborah Allen is a fierce, dynamic, and powerful entrepreneurial woman. She is a 5X Best Seller Author, Certified Life Coach, Entrepreneur, Pastor & Speaker. Deborah is the creator of The FIERCE System which was designed to help people/ministry/organizations walk fiercely into their purpose. Deborah Allen has trained, worked with and been on stages with legendary motivational speaker, Les Brown (“Your Power Voice”). Deborah serves as Senior Pastor of Lighthouse Apostolic Ministries of God Church for over 21 years. She is the Executive Director of the nonprofit organization L.A.M. Ministries Inc for twenty years. She holds licenses as an RMA/CDA & Certified Life Coach.

Deborah Allen is an entrepreneur at heart. She has successfully owned, operated and was the Director of Little Lights Childcare and Learning Center. This facility operated for ten years generating the income of 2 million in childcare. This center closed 7 years ago, and she revised her vision. She is a powerhouse, motivator, consultant, teacher, leader, Christian speaker and exceptional speaker. Her first book “Fierce” was released in the spring of 2018 and became a movement within itself. This allowed her to start and host Fierce TV, Fierce Radio, Deborah Allen Ministries, Fierce Voices of Destiny Movement and Visionary Coaching & Consulting Group LLC. Her second book was “Fiercely Living ~ Devotional & Journal”, which made Amazon Bestseller in January 2020. Deborah Allen is also a member of The BOSS Network, 2019 BOSS Influencer and 2019 BOSS Business Star. Co-authors for new book “Dreamers on The Rise” which released & became Amazon Best Seller September 26, 2020. She is also the instructor/creator of The FIERCE System Seminar.

In The Press

WICZ Fox40 11/29/2021
Fox 28 8/12/2021
Bringing Out Successful Sisters 12/10/2019
Making Headline News 6/12/19
PR Web 8/3/2018

Most Requested Keynotes

Living Your Faith out Live Conference:

“Dream Again & Win!”

Allows us to be able to glean powerful words of wisdom.
• Validation: Realize that your gifts and talents bring value to your life as well as the lives of those you are destined to impact.
• Appreciation: You will learn to respect, honor, and embrace your gifts and talents so you can help others in their journey.
• Confidence: Remove the fears and excuses that have been holding you back from fully utilizing your gifts and talents.

Empowering Women Through Ministry

Christian Speakers creates enlightenment, shifts, inspire and empower women to birth their voice and move into purpose. Studies show that women or now making up a whopping 40% of new entrepreneurs. Not only that but a lot of these women are faith based, own faith-based business or even work in ministry. Pastor Deborah will help your women, women in ministry even women in faith-based business:


  1. Strengthen and empower all women to come forth.
  2. Birth their voice for this dispensation of life.
  3. Use “The FIERCE System” as a tool to reinvent themselves.

You Are Called to Lead!

Executive Coaching, streamlines strategies and innovative tips for executives, CEO’s Vice-Presidents, Directors, and other managers to take action and focus on the necessary solutions to reach their true goals with our 3-step process:


  1. Transformational Mindset
  2. Leadership Productivity
  3. Employee Advancement


Purposely Chosen

Motivational Speaking creates an environment to empower you through uncertain and unfortunate circumstances you may face from time to time. Whether we are mothers, entrepreneurs, wives, or in corporate America. Many may feel lost or confused and uncertain about the future, Deborah helps you to identify your purpose and make it plain by helping you experience Actionable Takeaway such as the following:


  1. Walk out of your comfort zone.
  2. Strengthen Your Purpose Mentality.
  3. Develop Your Inner Self-Care.

Lead On Purpose

Women in Business: Your voice is important and needs to be heard. You are called to be a leader in the marketplace as your past experiences have open doors for you to climb the success ladder while you receive financial compensation. Pastor Deborah will help you identify how the power is in our hands by using the following keys.


  1. Proven practices to help you grow your business on purpose.
  2. Don’t sell yourself short but on purpose.
  3. Keep the end goal in mind.

Write the Vision Plain

Publish on Purpose, your past experiences and circumstances have stirred up a story in you within 90 days to be activated to the nation. Deborah is a 5X bestseller author with over 5 published books and is ready to help you to do the same.


Deborah will teach how to …

  1. Develop a strategic outline service.
  2. Proven industry techniques.
  3. Publishing Tips and recommendation.

Achieve your next

Women’s Empowerment is designed to shift your mindset to lead, advance, and grow. Deborah Allen is a thought proven leader who once felt she didn’t have a voice in corporate America and the church. She broke those barriers and created a map to direct and lead other women to teach them how to do the following:


  1. Navigate life with purpose.
  2. Consciously manage your mindset.
  3. Rebalance and take the lead.

The Season of Change Is Now

One moment can set in course or pivot the very destiny of your life! Listen and find fierce strength, encouragement, and motivation for your now. Deborah was a featured speaker on Power Voice Summit created by legendary speaker, Les Brown. 

The Great Come Back

You can hear the clarion call for you to live your irreplaceable life! Life is a battle for territory and purpose. Understand that it is not over until you will. And everything you need is already in your hands to make a mighty come back.

It’s Not Over Until We Win Again

Life is truly a battle so we must strive to fiercely win. Believe and never give up on you. Your life and voice matters and it is your superpower. Our words bring change to the masses and the entire world. Fight to win and achieve your every dream.

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My Areas of Expertise

FIERCE is What I Do! Schedule a Free Discovery Call

Keynote Presentations

Motivational Speaking

Emcee for Galas, Banquets and Programs

Training Sessions

Executive Coaching

Business Coaching

Life Coaching

Women’s Empowerment

Women’s Ministry


Helping You Live and Work FIERCE

I am the creator of the FIERCE Signature System and I empower women to take control of their “true” destiny.

My one and only goal will be to work with you to help you create the life that you were meant to live.


I have a fierce and dynamic voice that brings change to the lives of others.


The FIERCE Coaching System will help you create the life that you were meant to live.


My Fierce program can be delivered as a 1/2 or full day program.


I can help you evolve into your greatest version so you can walk fiercely in purpose.

Online Courses

How to Birth Your FIERCE Voice Without Losing Your Purpose & Dreams

The Secret to Love and Knowing Who the Right One Is

Buy the Book

Dreamer on the Rise

DREAMER ON THE RISE is a powerful inspirational book that was conceived and conceptualized to stir up the dreamer within you. Fifteen accomplished authors share their wisdom, experiences and testimonies of pursuing their dreams, inspiration of FAITH and Creating Wealth.

Raving Fans

What Clients Are Saying About Deborah Allen

Natisha Wilson

Author, Speaker, Prophetess & Entrepreneur gives testimony with Coach Deborah Allen

Trenesha Boyd

MA, CADC, CEO, Counselor, Mentor, Advocate testimony of Coach Deborah Allen

Platinum President Anastasia Lewis from the Bahamas testimony of services provided by Deborah Allen

Check Out My Latest Book Projects

Fierce is a powerful spirit-filled book written by Prophetess Deborah Allen.


The Lord breathed upon this book and filled it with a fresh wind. Fierce was a God-inspired book as it was being written. God’s yoke destroying anointing was loosed as this book was being penned. God’s spirit and anointing also flows as you are reading this book. Fierce prepares, instructs, and pushes the believer to put on the whole armor of God that we may be able to stand. Stand in the Lord and be fierce. As a Christian, the battle gets fierce when fighting the very enemies of our souls. Moreover, the battle is heated while going through the trials of life. Fierce is what God’s people must be. God inspires and require us to be fierce. 

Fiercely Living Devotional & Journal


Living Fiercely ~ Devotional & Journal was birthed & is a product of my original book, “Fierce” which has became its own movement in its own right. It’s a movement in my life & lives of many others. “Fierce” transcended beyong my every thought, vision or dream. Fiercely Living ~ Devotional Journal is an intricate part of who I am just as “Fierce” is to my entire being. “And from the days of John the Baptist until now the kingdom of heaven suffereth violence, and the violent take it by force.” Matthew 11:12. It’s time for us to take our lives back out of the hand of the enemy! It took me a long to realize and recognize that being strong was my gift from God. That God placed fierceness in me to survive my life and the storms of life. Fiercely Living~ Devotional Journal is one book of strength, encouragement inspiration and faith. This devotional is written out of my love, honor & devotion to the Lord, Jesus Christ! My entire existence is totally and completely devoted to God. I’m the Lords willing prisoner and I serve him faithfully at all times.

The FIERCE System: Reinvent yourself.


“The FIERCE System” was designed with you in mind. Mindset is everything. What you focus on will be what you bring to fruition. I was born to be an entrepreneur and excel. So too are you born to excel. This system is an amazing tool that you can use to have growth, self-development, and even reinvent yourself. The goal of this book for you to become fierce in your pursuit to win even fulfill your purpose. Through this system, you will be strong and fiercely move toward your destiny. Understand that it takes grit to win. It is our time to walk fiercely in destiny and authority in life. This is a book that will inspire, liberate and motivate you no matter what season in life you are in. You are fierce and built to last.


“From Pain to Purpose”


Fierce Women Roaring Into Purpose is a spectacular creation that will shift you to excel, find your voice, understand what’s in your hand and even dream again. This is a divine season of elevation for women and it’s allowing us to be able to birth our voice with strength. It’s a testament of women being advanced, and elected to places and offices that give us a voice. Women it is time to love, live and give out of the abundance of us. Women the words in this collaboration will allow us to live out of our abundance and best. Our collective writings will be a vehicle through which our purpose and voice will be revived and birthed.
Destiny is such a phenomenal thing that it brings us to the place of our “NOW” and “NEXT”. You were always meant to be in this dispensation of time with other mighty women of purpose. Marvel in the fact that your voice is a tool that will enlarge territories through the fibers of your fabulous existence.

May the words of every fierce women cause a fresh wind to stir up and rest upon you. I decree the fire of greatness be revived in you. May you take our experiences and words and allow them to be the fuel you need for change and birthing. Ladies to have what you never had you must do what you have never done. We are in the season of NOW FAITH! When walking in purpose, fiercely walk in divine authority. I charge you to take your place in the master class that is your gifted life. Congratulations, for being Fierce Women Roaring Into Purpose.

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